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[Shadowverse] Control Swordcraft

Tempest of the Gods.png

Set: Tempest of the Gods

As a lover of control decks in other card games, Tempest of the Gods is a refreshing change from the aggressive meta of the previous expansion, Rise of Bahamut. With heavy endgame decks like Ramp Dragoncraft and Aegis Havencraft, I thought I would try my hand at a control deck with my favorite class, Swordcraft. The two new legendaries, Gawain of the Round Table and Roland the Incorruptible, serve as great additions to the Control Swordcraft archetype.

Sample Decklist =

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[Shadowverse] A Guide to Evolution (feat. Swordcraft)

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The most unique mechanic of Shadowverse is undoubtedly its evolve mechanic. Using your evolution points effectively is key to winning. To evolve is to commit, as evolution points are extremely finite. This guide explains different ways to use your evolution points and introduces a beginner-friendly budget deck any new player can make.

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