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[Quickie] Handa-Kun

== Handa-kun ==


Ridiculous comedy
Misunderstandings galore
A better Sakamoto Desu Ga?

Don’t expect:
Anything to make any sense
Heartfelt slice-of-life like Handa-kun‘s pre-sequel, Barakamon

I was recommended Handa-kun as another comedy similar to Sakamoto Desu Ga? but done better. Both follow the trope of a singular well-liked main character within a high school setting. However, Handa-kun differs itself from Sakamoto Desu Ga? in that the main character, Handa, is not actually that competent. All of his positive achievements are due to misunderstandings by his peers. As these misunderstandings spiral out of control, other people come to revere Handa while Handa himself becomes more and more convinced other hate him.

The level of misunderstanding becomes cult-like at a certain point and it was at this point I got a little uncomfortable with the series. However, Handa-kun was able to bring it around and actually develop character relationships, albeit not significantly, giving the sentence that is this 12 episode series a nice punctuation. The subtle nods to Handa’s original series, Barakamon, where we see him as an adult is fun since Barakamon is one of my favorite series to date.


The two emotions of this show: delight and utter disgust

Overall: 7/10 (Never boring but overbearing at times)


[Quickie] ReLife

== ReLife ==

Fun, cooky slice-of-life with a cute twist.
Interesting and competent main character.
Genuine human relationships with all its pros and cons.
Complex emotions and character interactions.

Don’t expect:
Overly complex drama (they’re high schoolers to the letter)
Easy solutions to easy problems (high schoolers over-complicate everything)

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[Quickie] Musaigen no Phantom World

== Musaigen no Phantom World ==

Modern school setting.
Students with powers fighting fantasy monsters.
Cute enjoyable comedy and action scenes.
Your lord and god Cthulu.
Bombass soundtrack (“Naked Dive” is dope.)
Efficient, complete package.
Above-average “time-passer”

Don’t Expect:
Complex characters.
Deep, compelling story.

(What’s a Quickie?)

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[Review] Barakamon

Guess who’s on a major anime marathon spree? Luckily, I finished a lot of tests this past week so this weekend is dedicated to catching up on anime. I personally don’t watch series that haven’t finished, so I’m delighted that the summer season is coming to an end. After P4GA I started watching an anime highly recommended by a a few friends. I kid you not, I marathoned the twelve episode Barakamon in a single day and I enjoyed every moment of it. Barakamon is possibly one of the best slice of life anime I have seen in a long time. It’s sweet, innocent, and heartwarming.

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