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[Shadowverse] Control Swordcraft

Tempest of the Gods.png

Set: Tempest of the Gods

As a lover of control decks in other card games, Tempest of the Gods is a refreshing change from the aggressive meta of the previous expansion, Rise of Bahamut. With heavy endgame decks like Ramp Dragoncraft and Aegis Havencraft, I thought I would try my hand at a control deck with my favorite class, Swordcraft. The two new legendaries, Gawain of the Round Table and Roland the Incorruptible, serve as great additions to the Control Swordcraft archetype.

Sample Decklist =

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[Games] Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner Tips and Tricks

With my interest in Shadowverse waning steadily with every Daria Runecraft deck I face, I have nowadays been playing other games on my phone, namely Fire Emblem Heroes. I thought I would share some little tactics I have found to be useful in my battles. Heck, Maybe I’ll start writing about this game too.

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[Games] What makes a good MMORPG?

January’s over and that means I no longer have an excuse to be a lazy bum and not blog. During my holiday break, I returned to an MMORPG I used to play, Blade and Soul. However, my experience was mostly a solo one as my usual group of gaming friends refused to return to Blade and Soul. This sparked a discussion of why I enjoyed Blade and Soul yet they did not, and what aspects of MMORPGs make them fun. In other words, what makes a good MMORPG? Disclaimer: I’m not an expert by any means on MMORPGs, nor have I played very many. This is simply an opinion piece which may even be based on outdated information.

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[Shadowverse] Explooooosion!

This is Dimensional Explosion! The finest deck that commands absolute respect from every player! This deck is the perfect shell for the most powerful tool in the Runecraft arsenal, Dimensional Shift, to defeat your opponents in a single turn with a glorious giant explosion! Aggressive decks fancies themselves as superior but Dimensional Explosion will destroy them with the strongest of spells!

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[Shadowverse] Darkness Evolved Legendary Analysis Pt. 1

So Darkness Evolved is out and my pulls were okay at best. There’s a lot of different decks I want to try, but none of the cards I pulled help me make those decks. Instead, I figure since everyone else is also pulling packs left and right, I would break down and rate the potential of each card. This way, if you do pull a legendary, you know what it can do.

This will be a 3 part series with 3 legendaries per part. Don’t worry though, I’ll be releasing these once a week instead of the usual two week schedule. We’ll be going in order of ascending cost because why not?

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[Quickie] Log Horizon 2nd Season

== Log Horizon 2nd Season ==

Action/adventure fantasy in a videogame setting
The same old lovable characters from Log Horizon 1st Season
New interesting characters to join the cast
Some previous central characters to take a backseat this time

Don’t expect:
As much politics as 1st Season
A complete seemless package like 1st Season

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