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[Shadowverse] Tempest of the Gods Legendary Analysis Pt. 1

“But Yuyu. Where was the Legendary Analysis for Rage of Bahamut?” you may ask. To which I answer “I forgot. Also the legendary cards in that set were pretty boring.”

On the other hand, Tempest of the Gods looks to be an exciting expansion because each class is getting not one but two legendary cards! I guess that means double the analysis posts right? That also means I am starting these posts before the set even releases so hold on to your pants, it’s going to be a crazy long ride.

Disclaimer: Scores are pretty much arbitrary and completely opinion based. A 1 means it’s meh. A 3 means it’s okay. A 5 means it’s sexy and amazing. Also there’s no actual order to these cards. I just chose randomly because not all the cards have been revealed yet. Also I’m not a divine being that knows everything about this game. These are opinions and not facts and solely look at cards in a vacuum without looking at the rest of the set because I’m lazy.

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