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[Shadowverse] Expanding your collection

When Shadowverse first started, I posted a Introduction and Beginner Tips guide for new players unfamiliar with the game. Now that a couple more sets have released and the game has gotten more popular, I wanted to add upon my introductory guide for new to intermediate players who want to play the game and expand their collection. The first guide’s tips still holds true so check that out if you have not already. In short summary, reopen your first free packs until you get Legendary cards and play the story mode. What about after that?

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[Games] Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner Tips and Tricks

With my interest in Shadowverse waning steadily with every Daria Runecraft deck I face, I have nowadays been playing other games on my phone, namely Fire Emblem Heroes. I thought I would share some little tactics I have found to be useful in my battles. Heck, Maybe I’ll start writing about this game too.

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[Shadowverse] Introduction and Beginner Tips

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Shadowverse is a digital card game for mobile devices made by Cygames available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you are familiar with digital card games, Shadowverse basically Hearthstone with less RNG and more anime. At it’s core, Shadowverse is a nice mix between Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, making it one of my favorite game out right now.

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