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[Cover] Renai Circulation (Acoustic One-Shot)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all. I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had time to watch and review any anime. School’s been keeping me busy with projects and tests, so it doesn’t seem like I’ll have any time to marathon anything anytime soon.

I have been up to something cool lately, however. A friend introduced me to the Utatite community and I’ve been gearing up to do vocal covers of different songs under the alias “Wakai.” Here is my first cover, an acoustic rendition of Renai Circulation. This was a one-shot, meaning it is one take and only one take. Hope you enjoy!

Expect more covers of different songs coming up, along with my usual reviews and creative works. Apple of Honor has unfortunately been taking a backseat lately. It’s the consequence of having too much school while returning back to my gaming habits. Once school’s done and winter break hits, I can write AND play videogames. Aw yeah!