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[Misc.] The Sunshine Award

Greetings! It’s been quiet here in YouthfulLaughter with me on a holiday break from the blog due to work and such. I’ve been away from wordpress in general, so I was late in seeing that a fellow blog Yahari Bento nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Thanks a bunch!


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Without further ado, my eleven answers to YB’s eleven questions:

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[Update] Shadowverse Expansion, Seiyuu Spotlight, and Houseki Pro

Greetings! Two months have passed since the new start of the blog, so I thought I would give an update to everyone on how things have been, where the blog is going, and other miscellaneous things.

= Shadowverse = top_banner_en02-1

So most of the traffic on this blog is with my Shadowverse posts, which are published bi-weekly on Fridays. With the new expansion coming out next week, I decided to hold off on making a post this time around. The idea is to make a pack opening video for the blog next week and start brewing fun and/or competitive decks with the new cards. If you don’t know what Shadowverse is, check out my introductory post here. (tldr: online anime ccg).

rose queen.jpg

= Anime =

Honestly, I think “Quickies” are the best idea I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been able to keep consistently posting one every week since the reboot. That being said, they are slightly underwhelming opposed to the longer reviews of the past. However, most reviews of any kind boil down to “oh this was a good show” or “don’t watch Hundred,” which doesn’t really allow for much innovation.

Though I work full-time and don’t have that much free time, I may try to introduce a new type of article. My favorite part of watching new anime is listening to the different talented seiyuu, or voice actors; I love trying to figure out what voices I have heard from previous shows. Seiyuu Spotlight would aim to show off different voice actors and actresses I personally think are amazing, describe their vocal styels, and try to share their best works. It might be a little bit before my little idea becomes a reality, but keep an eye out for it!

That being said, I would love to discuss different series with the like… 4 people that read my anime reviews! Basically I’m looking for more interaction between myself and you guys. If anyone has ideas, let me know!

shoukugeki no souma.jpg = Houseki Pro =

So while this blog is a solo project by yours truly, Wakai, I do actually have other side projects with other people. One such group is Houseki Pro, which is a vocal cover group of songs from the show Steven Universe. If you are a fan of the show, go check out our Youtube channel here. The group is full of talented individuals with a true passion for singing. And then there’s me. I don’t have any of that.

[Misc.] Blog Reboot!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! Wakai is back on after a pretty long anime hiatus. Having been out of the review business for almost a year now, I hope to return for at least a longer time period than my abysmal year that was 2015. Check after the page break for my future plans to include more content for more things!

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[Misc.] Status Update + Check out Lucid9

Greetings WordPress! Wakai’s back with a status update post. Yeah, I know things have slowed down drastically since my Sword Art Online II review. College has been a pain in the ass lately and balancing that with my unpaid internship has left me quite unmotivated in terms of watching anime. I had a Zankyou no Terror review in the pipeline, but it’s been so long since I finished it that I feel any review I write now would not be genuine.

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[Misc.] Happy Valentine’s Day!


From my heart to yours, I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I hope your day is full of love and romance. What deserves more recognition than love itself? For those of you with significant others, you’ve got the entire day, or hell the entire weekend to spend with them. For those, like myself, who have not found that special someone, “love” does not necessarily come only in the form of romantic relationship; family, friends, and other acquaintances are all perfect candidates for a Valentine’s day rekindling of relationships.

Just a a personal update. SAO II and Zankyou no Terror reviews are in the pipeline, but school and work have been keeping my busy as of late. Add onto that Evolve releasing on the PC and anime seems to be taking a backseat in terms of my priorities. I’ve still got Durarara (Season 1) still left to finish and Grisaia no Kajitsu to start. Ugh. Anime. Why you take so long to watch?

For fun, let’s continue the Valentine’s Day theme with some of my personal favorite romantic pairs! Let the flaming begin. (hoo boy people are going to hate me for this one).

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