[Shadowderp] Derpwood Anomaly (Forestcraft)


Whenever this follower attacks the enemy leader, deal damage to that leader until their defense drops to 0.

Hello, hello. Welcome to Shadowderp where we try to beat the Shadowverse Meta with the jankiest decks we can make. Today, I will be trying a Forestcraft deck that I’m calling “Derpwood Anomaly” based on the namesake card, Deepwood Anomaly. Before we start, I’d like to take a reminder for you to like, comment, or subscribe, yadda yadda. Anyways, let’s get started. Deepwood Anomaly is an 8 cost 8/8 that basically says if this card attacks the enemy leader, that leader dies. A powerful win condition, Deepwood Anomaly has never seen play in competitive tiered decks due to its high cost and lack of either protection or immediate game impact. That is, until now.

(Video and article after the break)


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To start with this deck, let’s list some pros that Deepwood Anomaly has going for it compared to other Forestcraft win conditions. The three main win conditions for Forestcraft in the Meta right now are Rhinoceroach, Path to Purgatory, and Silver Bolt. The main difference between those win conditions and Deepwood Anomaly is that the former cards require you to have lots of cards in your hand, usually fairies. Deepwood Anomaly, however, doesn’t care! Therefore, unlike normal Forestcraft decks, we 1) don’t need that many fairy generators and 2) can be extremely proactive with our fairies in the early and mid-game.


Last Words: Randomly put 1 of the highest-cost Forestcraft cards (excluding White Wolf of Eldwood) from your deck into your hand at the start of your next turn. Change its cost to 0.

So, the early game is built on some cards to control the board and generate a couple faeries. Then, our mid game is where the deck shines using this neat combo with Fairy Cage, Fairy Driver, and a single fairy to create a fairy machine gun to blast the opponent’s board. Finally, we have some stabilization cards like Fairy Queen before our final late game with Deepwood Anomaly. The wolves here act as Deepwood Anomalies 3, 4, and 5. The goal of the deck is to control the board and have our opponent waste resources until we can get a well-timed Deepwood Anomaly (or 2 with White Wolf of Eldwood) on the field. Will the might of the forest crush our enemies or will the Anomaly shrivel back into the deepwoods? Let’s find out.


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