[Shadowverse] Tempest of the Gods Nerfs

Is it safe now? Is the Dragoncraft/Shadowcraft domination over? Card nerfs? Huzzah! Let’s just see how impactful they are.

C_104521030.pngCost increased to 4. C_104421030 Cost increase and stat buff. C_104424010 Single target only. No AoE.

= Prince Catacomb =


Fanfare: Give all allied followers Last Words: Summon a Skeleton.


Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy follower. Then give +2/+0 to a random allied follower.

Without Prince Catacomb, Shadowcraft’s turn 3 plays become somewhat lackluster compared to the powerhouse it once was. Bone Chimera and Prince Catacomb are powerful 3 cost cards, but Shadowcraft lacks resilient plays outside of those two picks. The only other follower that leaves behind a body after death is Attendant of Night.

Furthermore, Shadowcraft already had powerful turn 4 plays that Prince Catacomb has to compete against; Playful Necromancer and Orthus have powerful offensive effects. Considering the importance of turn 4 due to Evolve becoming available, Prince Catacomb seems lackluster in the 4 drop slot.

Prince Catacomb was a lynchpin card that fueled a lot of Shadowcraft’s mid and late-game plays. This will hurt the deck a lot.

= Wind Reader Zell =


Evolve: Give an allied follower Storm if Overflow is active for you.

This card is still really good, but you can’t combo it with Ouroboros to hit faces for 8 on turn 10 while having an evolved Zell to destroy any Wards on the opposing side. Dragoncraft still has a lot of Storm followers though. Now you just have to deal with hitting for 5 on turn 6 instead. Card may fall out of play but don’t expect Dragoncraft to care.

= Lightning Blast =


Banish an enemy follower or amulet. *No more Enhance (10) Banish everything.

Control Swordcraft buff! Amulets are safe once more! No but seriously this card was the sole reason why I stopped playing Shadowverse the past month. Developing a Roland the Incorruptible and Support Cannon for all my hard work to explode on turn 10 is dumb.

I do believe this is the biggest change to nerf Dragoncraft. This allows for control decks to develop amulets and followers to actually beat Dragoncraft in a war of attrition. Dragoncraft’s biggest weakness is the tradeoff between ramping up play points and cards in hand (which is why Sibil is very powerful since she doesn’t give up card advantage for the ramp). But when Lightning Blast is able to negate that card disadvantage with a huge reversal, Dragoncraft rolls over most decks because 1-for-1 on turn 10, Dragoncraft’s cards are better than any other classes’.

No more Blue-Eyes White Dragon blasts in my game please.


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