[Shadowverse] Expanding your collection

When Shadowverse first started, I posted a Introduction and Beginner Tips guide for new players unfamiliar with the game. Now that a couple more sets have released and the game has gotten more popular, I wanted to add upon my introductory guide for new to intermediate players who want to play the game and expand their collection. The first guide’s tips still holds true so check that out if you have not already. In short summary, reopen your first free packs until you get Legendary cards and play the story mode. What about after that?

= Take Two is the riskiest way to get cards =

150 gold per entry.

Take Two, or Arena, is a game mode where you are presented with two sets of two cards to choose from 15 times to create a 30 card deck. The cost is 150 gold (or 1 ticket) and the minimum prize is 1 standard pack (100 gold worth).

The benefits of Take Two are as follows:

  • The cards you draft are independent of your card collection.
  • The reward can outweigh the cost.
  • Tickets are naturally obtained from the story duels.
  • Opponents do not have complete control over the decks they are playing.

The downsides of Take Two are as follows:

  • If you do not get at least 50 gold per run with the pack, you lose out on gold.
  • You do not have complete control over the deck you are playing.

Take Two is best for players who are skilled at the game but do not have a large card collection. New players who cannot win at least 2 out of 5 Take Two matches will inevitably lose gold over the long run. However, Take Two does allow new players to play with a variety of cards they do not have while avoiding powerful established decks on the ladder.

= Opening packs is the safest way to get cards =


Opening packs is the slow and steady way of expanding your collection. That’s easy to understand, but the real question is, with so many expansions available now, what pack should you open?

I recommend opening Standard Packs at first but only until you have most of the uncommon cards. Why uncommon and not gold or legendary? Unlike other packs, Standard Packs are part of the daily login bonus. If you craft every single gold and legendary in the Standard Set, future packs from the daily login bonus will simply become vials. Any duplicate of a card you craft using vials is actually vials lost in the long run. Therefore, you should maximize the cards from a set you have while minimizing the risk of duplicates. I believe aiming for solely the uncommon cards achieves this.

Afterwards, open the most recent card set. While there may be cards from previous sets such as Darkness Evolved or Rise of Bahamut, the most played decks rely the most on the most powerful cards from the recent set and the class’s backbone from the standard set. As sets become older, their cards become cards that support the new strategies from new sets rather than becoming the defining cards of the strategies themselves. In other words, power creep is a real thing in Shadowverse and new cards are generally more useful than old cards. Once you obtain most of the Gold cards, move onto the next recent card set. Again, this is to minimize crafting duplicates. Legendary cards you want but do not own you should craft.

Good luck expanding your collection! I hope you open lots of Legendary cards!


2 thoughts on “[Shadowverse] Expanding your collection

    1. Yuyu Post author

      Well there’s two sides to that. If you don’t care at all about animated cards, disenchant them for sure. But unlike other online card games, you cannot craft animated cards in Shadowverse (at least at the time of this post). Furthermore, you do not get enough vials from an animated card to create another card of the same rarity like you do in Hearthstone or Gwent.

      Yes, animated cards are vial rich, but do keep these factors in mind.


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