[Shadowverse] Tempest of the Gods Legendary Analysis Pt. 3

Part one and two here. Yes I know I did part two yesterday. I wanted to get this post out with the Tempest of the Gods release. I should have planned this better.

= Maelstrom Serpent =



Fanfare: Summon a Maelstrom Serpent. Repeat until your area is full if Vengeance is active for you.

Two to five sneks? All the sneks lessgo.

Maelstrom Serpent is amazing as a big finisher for Control Bloodcraft with a huge board. However, the snakes still have the problem of having zero impact the turn they are played. Snakes are terrifying the turn after they are played but when you are at one health staring at an opponent’s board, Maelstorm Serpent is simply not good enough. Compare that to Temptress Vampire that does an immediate 5 damage and heal. Maelstrom Serpent is terrifying for sure but only if you are already winning.

Score: 3/5

= Belphegor =



Fanfare: Draw 2 cards. Deal damage to your leader until their defense drops to 10 if Vengeance is not active for you.


Countdown (4)
Vengeance is active for you even when your leader’s defense is more than 10

Four cost 4/4 is good. Four cost 4/4 draw two is amazing. Getting Vengeance whenever you want is really good. Belphegor enables a lot of Vengeance shenanigans alongside Blood Moon, a new card from Tempest of the Gods.

I actually feel like Bloocraft has enough Vengeance enablers with Belphgor and Blood Moon that a Vengeance deck is completely viable, which is terrifying because most Vengeance cards are okay without Vengeance but amazing with Vengeance, like Maelstorm Serpent.

Regardless of the power of Vengeance decks, I think a simple 4 cost 4/4 draw 2 is good enough to just see play in an aggressive deck. Maybe not in a control deck though because Dire Bond already exists.

Score: 5/5

 = Heavenly Aegis =



Can’t be damaged. Can’t be affected by any other card’s abilities except for those that change this card’s attack or defense.

Wait how do you kill this? You literally can’t kill this because destruction effects don’t “change this card’s attack or defense.”

So if this card drops onto the field the only thing you can do is kill the opponent? At least it can’t gain Ward or anything because it specifies “any other card’s ability,” meaning it ignores all effects even the controller’s.

Uh. I hope I’m misreading this card because this card is unbeatable. If someone can explain Heavenly Aegis to me that would be swell because I don’t get it.

Score: 6/5

= Israfil =



Fanfare: Restore 4 defense to your leader.
Whenever this follower attacks, deal 2 damage to all enemies

c_101041020Israfil has a definite clear role and that’s a board stabilizer. Healing for four is great for stabilizing but unlike Lucifer, Israfil is still able to evolve and attack a single high-threat follower while destroying any other small followers.

In addition, 2 damage to all enemies is like a mini Path to Purgatory and can run over enemies very quickly. A direct face attack is 8 damage on top of the 2 damage from the effect. 10 damage from one attack? That’s pretty good. I’m definitely replacing all my Lucifers with Israfil.

Score: 4/5


4 thoughts on “[Shadowverse] Tempest of the Gods Legendary Analysis Pt. 3

  1. Sarah B

    On the topic of Heavenly Aegis: It is affected by effects that change atk or def to a specified value, at the very least. For example, Woodkin Curse will still change its Def to 1 (for all the good that’ll do). I’m pretty new to this game so I don’t know of any effects that change atk, but it there IS one that changes atk to 1 or 0 then it becomes either a crappy 1-damage-per-turn beatstick or literally just a waste of field space.

  2. Yuyu Post author

    I have found the best answer to aegis is to just kill the player before turn 9 with an aggro deck or drop a big threat of your own like an enhanced albert


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