[Shadowverse] Tempest of the Gods Legendary Analysis Pt. 2

“But Yuyu. Where is part one?” you may ask. “Here.” I would answer. I am kinda butthurt the rest of the set got released just as I released part one but I was not going to release two posts back to back, so here I am a week later with the rest of the Legendary cards split into parts two and three (which will be posted tomorrow).

Same disclaimer: Scores are pretty much arbitrary and completely opinion based. A 1 means it’s meh. A 3 means it’s okay. A 5 means it’s sexy and amazing. Also there’s no actual order to these cards. I just chose randomly because not all the cards have been revealed yet. Also I’m not a divine being that knows everything about this game. These are opinions and not facts and solely look at cards in a vacuum without looking at the rest of the set because I’m lazy.

= Deepwood Anomaly =



Whenever this follower attacks the enemy leader, deal damage to that leader until their defense drops to 0.

I had to reread this card a couple times to make sure I understood this “I win the game” card. Basically, if Deepwood Anomaly attacks the enemy leader, you win.

Well, it’s obvious why this card is good, so let’s look at why this card is bad.

c_102743010 First, it’s an 8 drop with no immediate effect. You need an evolve point or storm enabler for it to have any value.

Second, it’s a follower so it dies to follower removal like Dance of Death. Compare this to Enstatued Seraph which also usually wins the game the turn after it is played but is immune to almost every removal except amulet exile (aka Odin).

Third, Forestcraft is the last class you want if you want storm. While it has a powerful storm follower (Rhinoceroch), the class actually has zero storm enablers. In other words, you are not OTKing with Deepwood Anomaly anytime soon.

It’s alright. Nothing to scoff at but not meta defining. Definitely worth making a fun deck with.

Score: 3/5

= Roland the Incorruptible =



Fanfare: Summon a Durandal the Incorruptible if there isn’t an allied Durandal the Incorruptible in play.

Durandal the Incorruptible

Enemy followers, spells, and amulets can’t deal more than 4 damage at a time.

Well, my dream of Swordcraft being mainly husbandos and cute maids is now dead. Now it’s husbandos, cute maids, and royal princesses.

A seven cost 4/5 with ward is terrible, so Durandal the Incorruptible better be amazing. Durandal the Incorruptible is an amulet that caps any damage from followers, spells, and amulets to four.

First, Roland the Incorruptible has 5 hp so it will always take at least two cards to kill her via damage. That being said, Durandal the Incorruptible does not protect from direct removal like Doom Blade Dance of Death or Execution. That being said, Durandal the Incorruptible itself survives regardless of Roland living or not. Therefore, this card will make your later cards more durable and helps Control Swordcraft.

That being said, Roland the Incorruptible actually makes future copies of herself worse since you can only have one Durandal the Incorruptible. Roland also competes in the 7 cost slot with Frontguard General who has 6 health (so is likely to survive two attacks like Roland) and still leaves behind a ward after direct removal.

I personally would run Roland over Frontguard General solely on the basis that Roland is cute.

Score: 3.5/5

= Wordwielder Ginger =



Fanfare: Change the cost of all followers in your hand to 0. Allied followers can’t attack the enemy leader. Allied followers’ and amulets’ Fanfare, Necromancy, Enhance, and Earth Rite abilities that activate upon being played from hand will not activate. These effects will last until the end of the turn this card is played.

Last Words, Storm, Rush, Bane, and Drain are still active with Wordwielder Ginger’s limitations. This is certainly a powerful effect, being able to dump your entire hand’s worth of followers for free. Oh wait, Daria decks can already do that but on turn 4.

It’s also a cost of 9 with no cost reduction. You can play Wordwielder Ginger with the followers you’ve kept in your hand until turn 9 (or drawn into using the Fanfare: Draw cards followers whose effects are negated) or just win with Dimensional Shift.

That being said, perhaps Wordwielder Ginger falls into an Earth Rites deck. Professor of Tabbos still gets all of his effects and he’s a really good card. Wordwielder Ginger would work in a lategame control oriented deck where she will be used as a swing turn to reestablish board control instead of a combo or aggro shell like Dimension Shift or Daria. She’s worth trying to make a new decktype out of but I don’t think it’ll be very consistent. Maybe Ginger is Professor’s daughter. Flavor text where?


Whenever an enemy follower is destroyed during your turn, summon a Zombie. At the end of your turn, perform Earth Rite: Destroy a random enemy follower.

Score: 2/5

= Hulking Giant =



Fanfare: Discard all Earth Sigils from your hand and gain +2/+2 for each discarded card.
Can’t be targeted by enemy spells and effects.

I remember reviewing Sun Oracle Pascal and noting that Earth Rite decks would be extremely powerful with a noteworthy finisher. This is a noteworthy finisher.

If you have been reading the other legendary analyses, you would see that a lot of the end game finishers have the problem of either not having an immediate effect or dying to targeted removal. Guess what does not die to targeted removal? Hulking Giant.

The best way to defeat followers with spell resistance is attacking it with followers. Guess who has a lot of defense and can tank tons of damage? Hulking Giant.

Earth Sigils are usually better in the early game, like Red-Hot Ritual and Price of Magic, so trading them for raw stats is actually pretty good. If Wordwielder Ginger becomes viable because Earth Rites becomes amazing, it’s because of this card.

Score: 5/5

= Ouroboros =



Fanfare: Deal 3 damage to an enemy.
Last Words: Restore 3 defense to your leader. Then put an Ouroboros into your hand.

Ouroboros’s 3 damage can hit face. It has a ton of attack. If it dies you get more face damage. That’s pretty solid. Ouroboros is versatile in that the 3 damage can also be used to control the board. The high attack ensures it will trade with most followers that attack it and requires that Ouroboros be answered by the enemy. The low defense makes it easy to kill it, but that also means you get 3 more damage.

Ouroboros is powerful and is a good cost since it leads into Fafnir and Genesis Dragon. That being said, it does compete against Lucifer in a ramp dragon deck where the 4 healing is sometimes necessary. I think Ouroboros will see play but Dragoncraft needs some more love before coming back up to the top of the meta.

Score: 3/5

= Sibyl of the Waterwyrm =



Fanfare: Gain an empty play point orb if this card is played on your fifth turn or later.
At the end of your turn, restore 3 defense to your leader if Overflow is active for you.


Gain an empty play point orb.
Draw a card if Overflow is active for you.

Oh hey. A decent ramp card with a Lucifer effect. Remember my comments on Ouroboros?

Now, that “played on your fifth turn or later” clause is interesting because it means she does not replace your early game ramp cards like Dragon Oracle. With other ramp cards, you will hit 5 play points before your 5th turn, so Sybil of the Waterwyrm becomes an earlier but weaker Lucifer. However, she’s also good when you miss your ramp cards and can pay her on turn 5 since she is still a solid body alongside the ramp. Compare this to Draconic Fervor (Gain an empty play point orb, draw 2 cards, and restore 3 defense to your leader) which also costs 5 but does not provide board presence.

I like Sibil of the Waterwyrm. I think she’s great. I don’t think she should be a Legendary, but I still think she’s great.

Score: 4/5

= Demonlord Eachtar =



Necromancy (3): Summon a Zombie.
Repeat for remaining shadows or until your area is full. Then give all other allied followers +2/+0 and Rush until the end of the turn.


Last Words: Kill something. Heal somewhat.

Everything gets Rush so you can play a 3 cost follower and then Demonlord Eachtar to give the 3 cost follower Rush too. Keep in mind the zombies get Rush and not Storm, so they’ll only be useful for board clearing. Demonlord Eachtar swarms the board like Nephthys a turn earlier but considerably weaker followers. That being said, Demonlord Eachtar can fit in a Nephthys deck because the deck’s early game tends to create a lot of shadows with little use for them.

Demonlord Eachtar would compete against Underworld Watchman Khawy for the 7 drop slot in Nephthys decks. Demonlord Eachtar is probably better against aggressive decks since you can proactively trade zombies for your enemy’s followers whereas Underworld Watchman Khawy is more reactive and “sit behind my ward praying nothing bad happens.”

Demonlord Eachtar’s cooler in my opinion cause Underworld Watchman Khawy looks like another pretty boy. That being said though, Underworld Watchman Khawy is really good. I think usefulness trumps coolness in a card game.

Score: 2.5/5

Link to part 1


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