[Games] Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner Tips and Tricks

With my interest in Shadowverse waning steadily with every Daria Runecraft deck I face, I have nowadays been playing other games on my phone, namely Fire Emblem Heroes. I thought I would share some little tactics I have found to be useful in my battles. Heck, Maybe I’ll start writing about this game too.

= Rerolling =


Save up 17 or 20 orbs before every roll.

Fire Emblem Heroes works on a Gacha system where you use game currency (orbs) to roll for characters. You get 15 orbs at the start after finishing the tutorial. Go to your castle home (left most button on the bottom) to get two more orbs for logging in. This gets you up to 17 orbs so you can roll four times at the start as opposed to only three.

If you get at least one or two five star heroes, you’re set. You should also try to get four stars to compliment those five stars.

I won’t go into specific heroes to roll for. That’s based on the ever-changing tier lists and your personal preference. You could also just roll until you get your Fire Emblem waifu.

FEH Deep devotion.png

Roy best waifu

= Upgrade Your Castle =

FEH Castle.jpg

Your castle not only looks better but you gain bonus experience. Once you have heroes you like, put your orbs into your castle, not more rolls. You are probably going to roll all three stars anyway.

= The Weapon Triangle =

FEH Weapon triangle.jpg

The weapon triangle is the most important part of Fire Emblem Heroes. Outside of huge level differences, your heroes will fail to put even a single dent in your enemies’ if you are attacking an unfavored color. On the flip side, heroes that are under-leveled still do respectable damage when the weapon triangle favors them. Balance your team accordingly. A mix of the three colors or two colors and a colorless is optimum.

= Attack Ranges =

fe-flolina-and-linMelee units and ranged units both counter each other. Melee units obviously cannot hit at a range, but ranged units also cannot hit at melee range. Mismatching the enemy’s range means your hero gets in free damage with zero counterattacks. That being said, keep in mind a unit usually only has to move one step on its turn to get free damage on you.

If you need two attacks to kill an enemy, use the attack with zero retaliation first. Then your second attacker will kill rather than only damage and thus will avoid retaliation.

= Damage Types =

Physical damage is dealt by sword, lance, axe, and shuriken wielders. Magical damage is dealt by tome, staff, and element wielders. Physical damage is mitigated by defense (Def) and magic damage is mitigated by resistance (Res). Check your enemy’s defensive stats before charging in and realizing your all magic team will struggle with the enemies’ high resistance. Like colors, damage type variation is key.

FEH Lilina.png

Burn, you fiend! Oh wait you have 40 Res. Never mind.

= The Danger Area =

FEH Danger Area.jpg

The red highlighted zone in the bottom is the danger area.

Tap the “Danger Area” button to see all of the enemies’ possible attack ranges. Keep in mind this is the total danger area, so it even takes into account the attack range of healers and supports (which you can generally ignore in terms of damage). Also keep in mind that the danger zone does not take into account extra action skills such as Dance and Sing. Watch out for those.

A good idea is to position right outside of the danger area and then initiate combat by having one unit enter the range of one enemy. If your unit is tanky or has a favorable color to the enemy unit, you will take minimum initiation damage while your units are all in advantageous positions. You can usually take your time position your units in non-arena battles as the enemy will not move if your heroes do not start in the danger area.

This does not apply to arena as the enemy will always start moving so be ready!

= Fight on your terms =

The enemy’s goal is to kill your heroes. Your goal is to kill the enemy units and not get your heroes killed. Therefore, you have a defensive incentive, not an offensive one. Your unit loses any experience he or she gains after death, so play defensively if you can. Don’t get yourself backed into a corner, but don’t also go charging in willy nilly either. Form a perimeter and control the flow of battle. Have your main tank take damage, your damage dealers flanking and attacking from range, and healers supporting from safety.


Also, check your damage before actually attacking. Hover over the unit you want to attack and check if your attack will actually kill. If it does not, make sure the enemy’s retaliation damage does not do more than half your hero’s health. If it does, then your hero will die on the enemy’s turn! It may be better to simply move into the enemy’s attack range but still not attack. This way you have the first strike when the enemy is in kill range.

Any other tips I forgot to mention? Share in the comments below!


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