[Shadowverse] Explooooosion!

This is Dimensional Explosion! The finest deck that commands absolute respect from every player! This deck is the perfect shell for the most powerful tool in the Runecraft arsenal, Dimensional Shift, to defeat your opponents in a single turn with a glorious giant explosion! Aggressive decks fancies themselves as superior but Dimensional Explosion will destroy them with the strongest of spells!

== Decklist ==

[Shadowverse-portal Link]

Runecraft - Dimensional Explosion decklist.jpg

Now you must first realize one of the most powerful Archmage amongst us comes from the magical land of gamewith.jp. This decklist will let you create a wonderful explosion of excellent quality! Of course, this Archmage is nowhere near as powerful as me but for a new follower of the way of the explosion such as yourself, this decklist will serve.

== Playstyle ==

Dimension Shift

Gain an extra turn after this one.
Subtract 0 from the cost of this card.
Spellboost: Subtract 1 more.

If you yourself have faced the amazing Dimensional Explosion users before, I’m sure you know the power that is the Flame Destroyer/Dimensional Shift combo. Play a bunch of Flame Destroyers for free and play as many Dimension Shifts turn after turn in spectacular showing of explosion magic!

Any explosion user can launch any old explosion, but it is the true Archmage, the true masters of the art of explosions that is able to craft the most fine explosions! There is no power in an explosion that explodes where there are no enemies! If you or your allies are felled before your explosion is ready, then who will be around to witness the glorious explosion?!

Besides the actual explosion magic itself, the art of the crimson demons commands two other spells: card draw and destruction! As a general rule, draw as many cards as you can and then use your removal cards to maximize the number of cards you spellboost. That being said, even archmages must heed the laws of magic and take into account the cost of every spell! If you draw too much, you may simply have your explosion detonating prematurely!

== Removal ==

Fire Chain

Deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower 1 time.
Spellboost: Repeat once more.

Explosion magic will destroy our enemies but our destruction will crush our enemies’ followers! Fiery Embrace, Fire Chain, Wind BlastMagic Missle, and Angelic Snipe (listed in order of power) make up the bulk of your removal spells while Kaleidoscopic Glow and Summon Iceform slow down the game.

You should aim to use the least powerful removal spell you can! Try not to use your glorious removal spells like Fiery Embrace or Fire Chain if you can! Especially Fire Chain! This spell is a glorious spell that creates many mini-explosions! Our spells are powerful but if I had to speak of any weakness at all, the most minor would be that swarms of followers are difficult to destroy. That is where Fire Chain excels!

== Evolution ==

Timeworn Mage or Merlin? Which to evolve? Or maybe even Clay Golem? Merlin refuels your hand with spells to spellboost while Timeworn Mage gives you a direct damage spell to spellboost your spells! In otherwords, evolve the old mage who is as old as dirt if you are ahead and if by some absurd reason you are behind (probably due to your inexperience with explosion magic for it cannot be explosion magic itself the reason why you are losing) evolve Merlin.

== Card Replacement ==

Most of the deck is bronze and silver, fellow explosion mage! The only card replacement I would recommend is if Merlin as a legendary is too expensive to use Spectral Wizard or instead. He may not refuel your hand, but he does spellboost a bunch. Or Scholary Witch for extra draw power. One of the two is fine.

Unevolved Scholarly Witch Unevolved Spectral Wizard



2 thoughts on “[Shadowverse] Explooooosion!

  1. Andres Arenas

    As a fellow anime blogger (trying to rise from the dead) and shadowverse enthusiast, I just wanted to say your blog is cool!
    As for the article, what do you think of Rimewind? I think it’s a great stalling tool, but perhaps space is too tight in your opinion?

    1. Wakai Post author

      It works better in purg decks that can benefit from the snowmen makinh shadows. Not so muck in this deck since fiery embrace fills the same role. The fact it’s expensive wiyh no reduction doesnt help.


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