[Shadowverse] Darkness Evolved Legendary Analysis Pt. 3

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Sorry for the couple days delay, but here’s part 3 of the legendary analysis series. Three more Legendaries left to finish our look at Darkness Evolved! It’s time to look at AlexanderEnstatued Seraph, and Dark Angel Olivia!

= Alexander =


Unevolved Alexander

Can attack up to 14 times per turn.
Can’t attack the enemy leader.

So the first thing I thought when I saw this card was “Okay why 14? Why not an unlimited amount of times? There has to be some flavor here.” I initially thought this card was a reference to Alexander the Great cause he’s pretty great, but a 5 minute Google search leads me to believe this Alexander is based on Severus Alexander who “created a municipal council of 14 [that] assisted the urban prefect in administering the affairs of the 14 districts of Rome” (Wikipedia). I might be wrong. I don’t really care.

Can you say “board control in a card?” Control Swordcraft has definitely been getting traction on the ladder lately and he’s a big part of that. He can easily get rid of a board of small followers or take out two to three medium followers. Even facing tougher enemies, Alexander can easily trade with the strongest followers with a little bit of help. An evolved Alexander and a Whole-Souled Swing kills an unevolved Fafnir.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Alexander does indeed take damage and can die. Don’t rely on him to automatically wipe your opponent’s board. Try to order your attacks intelligently to have him deal and absorb the most damage.

Definitely a powercard worth keeping, especially since Swordcraft is probably the most beginner friendly class to start a deck with.

Score: 4/5

= Enstatued Seraph =


Unevolved Alexander

Countdown (1)
Last Words: Summon an Awakened Seraph.

Unevolved Seraph Lapis, Glory Be

Countdown (1)
Last Words: Win the match.

Enstatued Seraph is an interesting card because it is the only actual alternate win condition in the game besides losing all of your health or having no cards in your deck. The chain of Seraphs is as follows: Enstatued Seraph, Awakened Seraph, Renascent Seraph, and Seraph Lapis, Glory Be. Once Seraph Lapis, Glory Be is destroyed, the owner of the amulet wins the game.

Enstatued Seraph definitely takes a nice place within a Control Havencraft deck where Prince of Darkness used to reside. It certainly makes for a faster clock than Prince of Darkness because it comes down on turn 8. With countdown reducing cards, Enstatued Seraph can win on turn 9 and at least by turn 12. Prince of Darkness comes down on turn 10 and wins at the fastest on turn 11, probably turn 12. So, Enstatued Seraph has a potentially faster clock in the best case scenario and a similar clock in its worst case scenario. That being said, Enstatued Seraph is prone to banish removal (Odin see Pt. 2) but that’s a small caveat for such a powerful card. Too bad Havencraft is suddenly an aggressive deck now with Winged Sentinel Garuda.

Score: 4.5/5

= Dark Angel Olivia =


Dark Angel Olivia

Fanfare: Increase your evolution points to 3.

The cover legendary for Darkness Evolved is the best legendary in the set. Dark Bae Olivia gives you up to three more evolution points to use. So, if you have used all of your evolution points by turn 9, you get three more! This makes your late game followers (including Olivia) able to affect the board immediately and allows you to continue using your evolve effects after using up your original evolve points. This not only empowers your late game but also solidifies your mid game because you can use your evolve points much more aggressively. I’ve been putting at least one copy of Dark Waifu Olivia in every one of my non-aggressive decks and I think you should too.

Score: 5/5


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