[Shadowverse] Darkness Evolved Legendary Analysis Pt. 2

[Legendary Analysis Pt. 1]

Greetings everyone and welcome back to a card analysis post for Shadowverse: Darkness Evolved. Without further ado, let’s look at the second trio of Legendaries.

= Bloody Mary =



During your turn, deal any damage dealt to your leader to the enemy leader instead.

First of all, the stats on Bloody Mary is pretty decent. For 5 mana, the best neutral follower statewide is Goblinmount Demon with 10 points total worth of stats. Bloody Mary is only 1 total stat point less than that but does not have a negative effect when she comes into play. In fact, her continuous effect is the best part about her!


Dire Bond is an amazing Bloodcraft card. For an initial investment of 6 life, you get to draw three extra cards while regaining the 6 life over time. Using Dire Bond can be scary in the late game because losing that 6 life can cause you to straight up die. Bloody Mary allows you to draw those extra cards without a care in the world because the health cost will come from your opponent instead of yourself.

It also turns Razory Claw into a 5 damage nuke. I call those “Bloody Claws.”

That being said, Bloody Mary really only fits in a late game Control Bloodcraft deck. An Aggressive Bloodcraft deck usually wants to lose life and rarely plays Dire Bond. Bloody Mary is a great addition to the Control Deck but is not enough to carry the deck on her own; Temptress Vampire, Lucifer, and other more expensive cards are far more necessary than Bloody Mary.

Score: 4/5 if you have Control Bloodcraft already. 1/5 otherwise.

= Lord of the Flies =



Fanfare: Summon a Velocious Beetle, Virulent Hornet, or Vicious Scorpion.
At the start of your turn, summon a Velocious Beetle, Virulent Hornet, or Vicious Scorpion.


I’ve pulled four of this guy as of this post. FOUR. Cygames plz.

With Lord of the Flies, you get a 4/4 and a 3/3 (averaged) for a cost of 7. My only issue with Lord of the Flies is the randomness involved here. The variance isn’t huge since they all have relevant effects, but only the Virulent Hornet has characteristics worth writing home about. Rush and Bane together lets you get rid of any threat on the board. Vicious Scorpion is also alright since its Ward protects the lord to allow it to continuously spawn more bugs. I think Velocious Beetle is the worst of the bunch, but the surprise 2 damage to face with Storm can turn games.

He does more of what Shadowcraft does best, which is midrange board control and efficient play point usage. Since he’s also a high cost, you stand a good chance of reviving him with Ceridwen if Revive Shadowcraft ever picks up, unless you run Mordecai.

He’s okay. Not that special. Slots into existing Shadowcraft decks but won’t win you the game like Cerebrus or Mordecai.

Score: 2/5 Meh

= Odin =



Fanfare: Banish an enemy follower or amulet.

The answer to Mordecai and countdown amulets everyone wanted but nobody is willing to run because it costs EIGHT play points. I personally want my expensive cards to be winning me the game, not just keeping me from losing. Odin is never the wrong choice in a deck, but he’s also never the right choice either. Good if you don’t have that many cards, but as your collection grows and your decks become more advanced, Odin struggles to find room in your decks.

Score: 1.5/5 Not unplayable, but just overcosted.

Tune in next week for an analysis on the last Legendaries: Alexander, Enstatued Seraph, and Dark Bae Olivia


2 thoughts on “[Shadowverse] Darkness Evolved Legendary Analysis Pt. 2

  1. Wen Yang

    No offense, but do you actually play the game?

    Bloody Mary is great both in control AND in aggro. In aggro she serves as a lategame surprise finisher since she either strengthens or add more nuke-to-the-face options.

    Beelzebub is probably second-most-desired shadow legendary now, just behind Cerberus. Giving you a 2 for 1 and demanding instant removal unless you want to die horribly from a flood of free cretins he produces. The randomness IS a bit annoying though.

    Odin is a hyper-flexible lategame removal with both. Something teched in just about most mid/lategame oriented decks. He renders Seraph useless. Mordy is a goner. Any big minion similarly gone. Really good.

    1. Wakai Post author

      Bloody Mary + Burn spell is a 2 card combo on at least turn 7. If she’s able to get the kill, then honestly youre ahead enough for any two card combo to kill. I dont think she’s the worst option but she’s not the end all be all legendary.

      Beezlebub is one of two playablr shadow legendaries. Of course he’s the second most desired. I just dont think he has as much impact as other late drops. A 4/4 is pretty easy to remove too (assuming no scorpion).

      Odin’s a flexible tech card but only that. His effect is amazing, but he is not. If he was cheaper with a smaller body, I would probably like him more.


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