[Shadowverse] Darkness Evolved Legendary Analysis Pt. 1

So Darkness Evolved is out and my pulls were okay at best. There’s a lot of different decks I want to try, but none of the cards I pulled help me make those decks. Instead, I figure since everyone else is also pulling packs left and right, I would break down and rate the potential of each card. This way, if you do pull a legendary, you know what it can do.

This will be a 3 part series with 3 legendaries per part. Don’t worry though, I’ll be releasing these once a week instead of the usual two week schedule. We’ll be going in order of ascending cost because why not?

= Dragonsong Flute =


Dragonsong Flute

Fanfare: Transform each card in your hand that costs 3 or less into a Hellflame Dragon if Overflow is active for you.
Whenever a card that costs 3 or less is added to your hand, transform it into a Hellflame Dragon if Overflow is active for you.

Unevolved Hellflame Dragon

A 4/3 with Rush.

The first thing to notice about Dragonsong Flute is that it does absolutely nothing for standard Dragoncraft decks, which focus on ramping up into huge lategame creatures. This amulet is meant to be used in a low-cost aggressive Dragoncraft deck as a lategame finisher, turning every low impact card in your deck into a Hellflame Dragon.

A 4/3 for a cost of 2 is way ahead of the curve; a 4/3 body is usually reserved for 4 cost followers. In addition, having Rush means Hellflame Dragon can attack other followers the turn it is played, so it’s like a 2/1 with a cost of 2 that gets a free Evolve.

A cool deck going around is a discard based Dragonsong Flute deck with low cost discard spells that generate advantage in the early game with Dracomancer’s Rites which draws you a card every time you discard. As discard spells usually go 1 for 1 anyway, Dracomancer’s Rites just nets you a free card. In short, this card is sick and I want it. I haven’t pulled any. Cries. Not super amazing, yes, and basically a dead card until the late game, but interesting decks are interesting.

Score: 1.5/5

= Crystallia Tia =


Crystalia Tia

Fanfare: Summon a Crystalia Eve. Give it Ward and evolve it if at least 2 other cards were played this turn.

Unevolved Crystalia EveCrystalia Eve is simply a 4/4 that is summoned with Crystalia Tia. So, Crystalia Tia is a 5/5 for a cost of 5 split up into two cards. Furthermore, if two cards were played the turn Tia is played, Eve becomes a 6/6 with Rush, able to attack an enemy follower.

Having the free Evolve is great because it synergies with other cards that benefit from having evolved followers in play, such as Demonic Simulacrum.

I can definitely see a new Forestcraft deck centered around the Evolve mechanic using cards such as Crystalia Tia, Archangel Reina, Titania’s Sanctuary, and the new neutral Legendary Dark Angel Olivia.

Overall, a solid value card that isn’t overly fancy but still powerful. Luckily I pulled two of her so I’ll be trying her out in an Evolve centered deck.

Score: 4.5/5

= Sun Oracle Pascale =


Unevolved Sun Oracle Pascale

Earth Rite: At the end of this turn, double all other allied followers’ attack and defense if this follower is still in play.

Unevolved Red-Hot RitualTalk about a power card! The last card I will look at in this post is Sun Oracle Pascale. Obviously, with Earth Rite as the condition for this powerful effect, Sun Oracle Pascale belongs in a Golem deck with Earth Sigils. Darkness Evolved hastwo Earth Sigils: Scrap Iron Melter (summons a 0/2 with Ward) and Red-Hot Ritual (deals 2 damage to an enemy follower). While Scrap Iron Melter is not amazing, I can see Red-Hot Ritual finding a home as an early game removal tool in a midrange oriented Golem Deck.

So let’s look at some caveats with Sun Oracle Pascale. First, she does not double her own stats. Also she only does so at the end of the turn if she is still alive. This will usually be the case unless you evolve her and trade her off against a larger threat. Therefore, she is really only good when you are already winningI think this is great for a Golem Deck because that deck is very good at staving off aggression but struggles to finish games off.

Unevolved Guardian GolemThe heart of the Golem Deck is Guardian Golem, a 3/3 summoned by a 2 cost spell called Conjure Guardian. Imagine a field with three Guardian Golems. Over three turns, they attack for 9 damage a turn to hit for 27 damage and kill the opponent. With only two turns, they hit for 18 which is not enough damage. Now imagine that same turn with a Sun Oracle Pascale. The turn you play Sun Oracle Pascale, you still hit for 9 damage as her doubling effect has not triggered. Then, you have three 6/6s and a 4/5 while your opponent is at 11. In other words, the enemy must kill two golems or die the next turn. This not only reduces the kill clock but makes your field more resilient!

Keep in mind that because the effect occurs at the end of the turn, you can still play followers after her to have more followers double their stats.

I only pulled one of her, but I’ll see if the new Earth Rites cards make the Golem archetype strong in Runecraft.

Score: 3.5/5 if Earth Rites is amazing. 1.5/5 if Earth Rites is garbage.

Tune in next week for an analysis of Bloody Mary, Lord of the Flies, and Odin!


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