[Quickie] Log Horizon 2nd Season

== Log Horizon 2nd Season ==

Action/adventure fantasy in a videogame setting
The same old lovable characters from Log Horizon 1st Season
New interesting characters to join the cast
Some previous central characters to take a backseat this time

Don’t expect:
As much politics as 1st Season
A complete seemless package like 1st Season

Log Horizon is hands down one of my favorite series with one of my favorite protagonists, Shiroe. The first season was one of my earlier reviews, which you can check out here.

Log Horizon falls into the unfortunate circumstance of constantly being compared to Sword Art Online due to their shared videogame settings. However, I would like to stress once more that the two series are very different. SAO is a drama with the virtual world as a separate setting from the real world. Log Horizon on the other hand is a fantasy action adventure set inside a videogame setting; the virtual world is the real world in this case. This makes Log Horizon only similar to the first part of SAO, when SAO was its best.

If you liked Log Horizon 1st Season, Log Horizon 2nd Season may be hit or miss for you. Comparatively, there is much less political strategy and such, especially because the characters who are the most politically influential in 1st Season, Shiroe and Crusty, are pretty much relegated to secondary characters in 2nd Season. Instead, 2nd Season focuses much more on the rest of Log Horizon, especially Akatsuki and Naotsugu. It’s certainly interesting to watch the two grow as characters and become less “Shiroe’s sidekicks.” That being said, I was disappointed to have less of Shiroe but hopefully 3rd Season will have more of the villain in glasses.

If you have not watched Log Horzion 1st season or did not like it that much, 2nd Season may actually be enjoyable for you. There is a lot more action and slice-of-life moments than political battles of wit, making the series more enjoyable for a wider audience.

The kids still suck though. >.>

log horizon 2 end

+ Videogame MMORPG action at its best.
+ Naotsugu and Akatsuki are still an amazing comedy duo
+ Akatsuki’s character really grows and matures
+ Diva character best girl.
+ Nyanta is forever Catomine.
+ Lot of side characters get their moment in the spotlight, fleshing out the cast.
– Not as much politics of the original. I personally loved the battle of wits, so this is a minus for me.
– Shiroe is very marginalized in this season.
– Aliens.
– Seriously, does anybody like the kids and the fact they have like 5 episodes?

Overall: 7.5/10 (Eagerly awaiting a 3rd Season)


2 thoughts on “[Quickie] Log Horizon 2nd Season

    1. Wakai Post author

      My opinion of them also improved over time but still lukewarm at best.

      I don’t think they’re terrible, just not as good as other characters.


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