[Quickie] Re:Zero

== Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu ==

Complex, imperfect main character that grows over time.
Impactful characters that you grow to love or hate.
Excellent fantasy setting + modern protagonist combo.
Fantastic animation and action sequences.
Interesting and impactful side characters.
Good balance of solving problems via words and swords.
A psychological thriller with unpredictable twists.

Don’t expect:
Problems to be solved quickly and efficiently.
To actually like the main character for a good portion of the season.

Now now… where to start with Re:Zero? I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the Re:Zero hype train. I personally completely embrace this hype train and board it with complete enthusiasm. Re:Zero is in fact the series that got me back into watching anime after my hiatus in 2015. After the first arc, I was completely hooked and needed something to satiate my appetite for this series. Hence, I binge watched tons of other shows and restarted my anime blog. That is the reason why the cover picture for the reboot post is from Re:Zero! Every Sunday was literally “Re:Zero day” with me looking forward to it every weekend.

Re:Zero is about Natsuki Subaru, a boy from our world thrown into a fantasy world. Very quickly he realizes that unlike other heroes, he has no powers of his own except the power to return back in time after he dies. With knowledge gained from his mistakes, Subaru msut protect his new friends and family from those who try to harm them.

Let’s first get all my fanboying out of the way so this quickie is somewhat productive. Subaru is a fantastic main character because he is so flawed. There are definite parts where I actually despise him as a character and how he acts. However, watching him grow in many ways is a treasure to behold due to the great writing and dialouge lines. The action is heart-pounding and full of tension because death is a core motif of Re:Zero. Sure death has no “consequence” to Subaru since he returns via rebirth, but because death is so common, a seemingly perfect plan can go arwy at any point. The one negative of Re:Zero is that because Subaru is so flawed, the other side characters are seem flawless. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean boring as they each serve their purpose well in Subaru’s story. They just don’t get quite the amount of development Subaru does, but they’re side characters for a reason. The soundtrack is fantastic and I still get emotional whenever the ending plays because of how much I like it. The voice acting is top notch with SAO’s Kirito as best performing actor as Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti. Also, Rem best girl.

Now, obviously I’m recommending Re:Zero to everyone. However, I always want viewers to make their own informed decisions. So, why would you NOT want to watch Re:Zero?

First, the plot is slow. Painfully slow. As the main theme in Re:Zero is the repetition of Subaru’s mistakes to better himself, Subaru finds himself in the same scenario over and over again and fails over and over again. At certain points, it becomes pretty frustrating. Episodes like… 14 to 18 are a slog. Skip to episode 18 if things slow too much to a crawl for you. Next, the plot is heavy with psychological tension and gruesome executions (as in the murder kind). Re:Zero has a lighthearted face, but it is not for the feint of heart. In addition, while the action sequences are wonderfully animated, it’s mostly swordplay and melee combat; in other words it lacks the charm of fantasy magic action sequences. Also, most of the plot resolves via politics and contracts. While not as heavy on discussions as say Log Horizon, Re:Zero does have its fair share of “let’s sit around a table and talk.” Furthermore, because there’s a lot of side characters, they often get rotated out to make room for new ones and are not heard from again. So don’t expect some of your favorite characters to stick around for too long. Finally, for those expecting a “harem” anime, Re:Zero is anything but. If anything, Subaru has far better relations with other male and non-romantically involved female characters, earning their respect rather than their love. Honestly, the Emilia-ship and the Rem-ship are the only vessels worth mentioning. I’ve already stated which one I am in, but both ships are completely valid and I will respect your wrong opinion. ❤

Re:Zero is a fantastic series and I loved it. Don’t fear the hype train. It’s hyped for a reason. Expect a full review/spoiler discussion after I do a full rewatch marathon, starting from zero. 😉

rezero end.jpeg

+ Emilia’s VA is Megumin from Konosuba loooool explooosion.
+ Subaru’s an idiot but he becomes less of an idiot.
+ Rem is a cinnamon roll and must be protected. CinnaRem for life.
+ WAIT JULIUS IS AWESOME TOO (he’s Hachiman from Oregairu haha)
+ Amazing voice actors.
+ Betegeuse Romanee-Conti for life. Kirito go to hell. This is Yoshitsugu Matsuoka’s true calling.
– 3rd arc is slow as hell and takes forever to get anywhere.
– Emilia, outside of being cute, is boring. Basically a damsel in distress. I get why Subaru loves her, but she’s no Rem.
– Ask me who Rem is one more time and I hurt you.

Overall: 10/10 (Fantastic execution with amazing production value.)

Now my Sundays are empty and void of meaning. Cries. I need something new to watch.


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