[Quickie] Shimoneta (SFW)

== Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai ==

Highly sexual content.
No seriously some scenes are basically censored porn.
“Holy shit what the fuck did I just watch?”
“I have the weirdest boner right now.”
An extremely different and unique show that pushes so many boundaries.

Don’t expect:
To feel comfortable watching this show.
To watch this if you’re underage. Please don’t. No seriously don’t.
Any NSFW pictures in this post. Everything is lewd free here.

If anything describes Shimoneta, it’s “different.” Shimoneta is unlike anything I have ever watched before, which is impressive considering the stuff I watch. Let’s get one thing completely clear before anything else: Shimoneta is an adult anime with tons of sexual innuendos and scenes. The amount of times I thought”holy shit this is a porno” is countles. Do not watch with children. Do not watch if you cannot stand that kind of stuff. This is lewd, ecchi, etc. etc. etc. I have warned you.

Now that’s out of the way, I’m sure I’ll be subconsciously putting in all kinds of innuendos and jokes into this quickie, so have fun with that one. I blame Kajo-senpai.

Underneath all of the silly lewd exterior is actually quite a serious, well-thought out, and interesting plot. I will be the first to admit that I enjoyed Shimoneta. Because it flaunts its sexuality so openly, it immediately differentiates itself from every other anime out there. Every character is completely unique, mostly because they are crazy as fuck. In addition to an interesting cast, the actual plot is fun to watch as the characters battle for – and I can’t believe I’m actually typing this – sexual liberation from the clutches of society for its inhabitants.

If you take away the sexual innuendos, you actually end up with a meaningful story about rebellion against government censorship and the freedom to express one’s individuality. It’s a story about individuals accepting who they are despite society’s stigmas. But by covering this theme with crazy lewd comedy, Shimoneta is able to present it in a more entertaining, albeit less serious, way.

Was Shimoneta interesting? Yes. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it because it was so weird. Would I recommend watching the show? Hell no. This show is not for everyone and if someone doesn’t convince themselves to watch this show, I sure as hell will not.

Sighhhh I need to go watch something more normal. Maybe go find an IS clone or something. Those are pretty braindead to watch.

shimoneta end

Tldr my face expression the entire time.

+ Okay I now have a boner.
+ Holy shit this is the weirdest thing I have ever watched, it’s super interseting, and I can’t look away.
+ I expected kids screaming about man’s genitalia to get really old and boring after a while. While the screaming actually never stops, I’m still flabbergasted by everything else in the show that the screaming is the least of my worries.
– Holy shit this is the weirdest thing I have ever watched, I feel awkward, and I should really look away.
– Too much pantsu. That’s just gross.

Overall: 8/10 (At the very least, I will never say there is a “Shimoneta clone”)


4 thoughts on “[Quickie] Shimoneta (SFW)

  1. Silvachief

    The best part of this review is the typo “interseting”, because it looks like a mix between “interesting” and “upsetting” which both perfectly describe the show.

    Sexual humor is well and good but Shimoneta’s unique brand didn’t greatly appeal to me, unfortunately >.<

  2. Karandi

    I still hadn’t watched this and now I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep putting off watching it for awhile. I’m not opposed to adult content but I kind of feel that watching this when I’m not in the mood for that sort of humour would just leave the whole thing fairly flat.

    1. Wakai Post author

      Yeah. I had a couple of days when I told myself I wasnt in the mood and stopped after 1 ep. I did marathon to finish it one weekend when I was bored so it’s good for that.


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