[Shadowverse] Loli Vampire Sadism (feat. Bloodcraft)

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Shadowverse recently distributed a free copy of Gabriel and Prince of Darkness (RIP Satan) to all players. This means the ladder is full of midrange Swordcraft beatdown decks and cancer Havencraft control decks. Here at YouthfulLaughter, I like to go against the grain as a strong independent loli vampire sadist who don’t need no meta decks and play decks that best handle these meta decks. Of course, by loli vampire sadism, I’m referring to control Bloodcraft (loli optional for 800 rupees or if you’re crazy like me 700 if you buy every leader at once).

== Decklist ==

[Shadowverse-portal link]


Control Bloodcraft is infamous for its high vial cost, but many incorrectly assume it is from a high legendary count. Many cards can fulfill the same job as Lucifer or Prince of Darkness by being late game win-conditions. Just pick your highest cost cards and stick them in there, for example Gilgamesh. The only legendary I would argue is essential is Queen Vampire. Even then, her main role in the deck is creating Ward blockers and can be replaced by other Ward followers such as Goblinmount Demon.

The first part of the deck consists of Ambling Wraith, Blood Wolf, and Summon Bloodkin. These four cards are early game weenies that trade against opponent followers to buy time for your late game cards. Do not be afraid to trade somewhat unfavorably with these. While cards like Blood Wolf and Razory Claw can become direct damage in the late game, the deck has so many powerful lategame cards that not dying early game is more important than the face damage.

The second part of the deck is card draw, consisting of Blood Pact and Dire Bond. The first is a straight up +1 in terms of card advantage for 2 life. While losing that life can help activate Vengeance, it can also just as easily kill you. Dire Bond is even trickier to play because of its 6 life upfront cost. While you pay no net life due to healing 6 life over 3 turns, aggressive decks can still kill you immediately after you play the card. Keep in mind you draw at the start of the turn, so you won’t reap any benefits the turn you play the card.

The third part of the deck is removal spells, consisting of Razory ClawNight HordeDiabolic Drain, Execution, Demonic Storm, and RevelationNight Horde synergies well with Summon Bloodkin and Queen Vampire while Diabolic Drain is more powerful provided Vengeance is active. Play around with the ratio as you like. Some decks prefer 2 NH and 3 DD. Personally I like a 2:2 split because I find multiple copies of DD to be detrimental to each other; the 2 life gain can accidentally deactivate Vengeance for your other copies of DD. The ratio of Demonic Storm to Revelation is another factor to keep in mind. While a 1:3 split is normal since you need RV against hyper-aggressive decks for a turn 4 board clear, many players nowadays are wary of the potential turn 4 sweep and keep Vengeance deactivated until they can guarantee a kill. If you find this to be the case, a 2:2 split may be better as DS can not only clear a board but also activate Vengeance if the enemy makes you float at 11 or 12 life.


Best late game NA

The final part is powerful late game cards that are both defensive and offensive. A prime example of this is the best card in the deck, Temptress Vampire, which nukes your enemy directly for 5 and heals you for 5. This is a 10 life swing! Alucard fills a similar role, dealing 4 damage and healing for 4, provided Vengeance is active. Wardrobe Raider, Erinyes, and Righteous Devil clear the board (and sometimes heal you). The only weird choice in my list is the two copies of Prince of Darkness, but I wanted a late game win condition that can deal with midrange Swordcraft more efficiently than Temptress VampireAurelia, Regal Saber is especially hard to deal with due to her high defense and targeting immunity. However, I would sooner drop PoD than drop TV as the 5 health nuke on turn 9 is far more impactful than a PoD card on turn 11.

== Vengeance ==


A board clear that reduces its cost to 4 with Vengence.

Vengeance is a Bloodcraft mechanic that triggers when your leader has 10 or less health. Unlike a more aggressive Vengence centric Bloodcraft deck, a control Bloodcraft deck views Vengeance as more icing-on-the-cake; extraneous benefits that are nice to have but not essential for victory.

This is because our Vengeance effects mostly involve cost-reductions, which is not necessary if we have other outs or answers to our problems. For example, Revelation is a card that deals 8 damage across the board but it costs 4 with Vengeance. If, however, your early game followers deal with the early aggression well enough, RV is not needed.

In other words, don’t feel like you HAVE to play a card with Vengeance to milk out value. Playing an Alucard without the heal is just fine against a control matchup when you’re more afraid of an enemy Prince of Darkness coming out and destroying you in two turns.

== The Best of Both Worlds ==

The dual defensive/offensive nature of many Bloodcraft cards is what makes the class so versatile. Blood Wolf and Razory Claw can act as direct face damage or removal. Temptress Vampire can kill an enemy follower and heal for 5 or just nuke the enemy.


Look at that swagger. And those man pecs. I know you took a peek.

Success with this deck comes from identifying whether you are the aggressor or the controller and playing accordingly. This changes based on matchup and what cards you draw.

Against Swordcraft, play as safely as possible and aim for a late win. Don’t play that Dire Bond if there is even a remote chance of dying. Trade your minions away smartly and save board clears for that inevitable Otohime.

Against Havencraft, play as aggressively as possible. Drop a turn 7 Alucard and hit for 4 (even 6 with Evolve if you want) while at 18 life. Hit her as hard as possible as fast as possible and when the inevitable walls of Ward followers come out (e.g. Satan + Guardian Sun), use Temptress Vampire to nuke the enemy to submission.

Remember, Urias is the most powerful being in the Shadowverse cast. Role-play accordingly and crush all of your opponents.

== Card Replacements ==

Some other options to replace Gold or above rarity cards (click picture for Portal link):

Wardrobe RaiderReplace Righteous Devil as a 4 drop that gains you life and clears the board. Palace FencerAnother potential 4 drop. Acts as a sub-optimal replacement for Diabolic Drain.
StratagemNo copies of Dire Bond? Replace draw cards with more draw cards. PercivalIf you craft anything, craft 2 of her. She is literally the reason to play this deck.

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