[Quickie] ReLife

== ReLife ==

Fun, cooky slice-of-life with a cute twist.
Interesting and competent main character.
Genuine human relationships with all its pros and cons.
Complex emotions and character interactions.

Don’t expect:
Overly complex drama (they’re high schoolers to the letter)
Easy solutions to easy problems (high schoolers over-complicate everything)

ReLife’s main selling point is its main character, Arata Kaizaki, who is a 27 year old man down on his luck. Having recently lost his job, Arata is presented the chance to look like a high schooler again and redo his life. Having a much older character in the typical high school settings puts a new perspective on things, as Arata quickly becomes a mentor-like figure to the actual high schoolers. Despite being the least intelligent in the class, with the worst grades to boot, his life-experience and history serve as great sources of knowledge that help the other kids.

However, my least favorite part of ReLife is that while Arata is the main character, ReLife focuses on the problems and lives of the other high school students who become Arata’s friends. ReLife quickly forgets about Arata’s background and focuses on developing the high school kids in order to create the problem scenario and present a solution. However, this leads to a cycle in which the first two episodes of an arc are painfully slow followed by a heartwarming and often comedic resolution.

I did, however, like the other characters in relation to each other. In other words, the different relationships presented in ReLife serve as good backdrops to develop these characters. I especially liked the cute romantic pairings.

This is a slice-of-life for sure, but it presents itself in a much more mature manner. Would recommend if looking for a neutral and calm slice-of-life that is not too ridiculous.

relife end

+ Great slice of life
+ Interesting MC
+ Music fits extremely well
+ Memorable side characters
– Trivial high school problems disgruntled me a little bit
– One particular character was very annoying
– Cliffhanger ending; expecting a season 2
– Forgets its main hook, a 27 yr. old in school again, quite fast and devolves to a regular high school slice of life during the middle episodes.

Overall: 8/10 (Interesting take, average execution.)


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