[Shadowverse] Ryuu ga waga taki wa kurau! (Shadowcraft)

[Shadowverse archive]

Greetings Shadowcrafters! Welcome to an episode of Shadowderp where we look at crazy deck ideas just for the fun of it! Today we’ll be looking at what I call “Ethereal Tyrant.” This is a sweet Shadowcraft deck that aims to finish off the opponent with a giant undead dragon.

First, we have the namesake card, Deathly Tyrant, which is a 3/3 for 6 with Storm. However, it also has “Necromancy (20): Gain +10/+10”, making it into a 13/13 for 6 with Storm when you have the right conditions. With your opponent’s max health being 20, you just need to do 7 damage with other followers and such to OTK your opponent. Pretty sweet right?

However, Deathly Tyrant needs to attack the opponent to do damage, so followers with Ward really ruin our day. That’s where Ethereal Form comes in which gives us the ability to bypass Ward altogether. On top of that, if we have four extra shadows, we can give Deathly Tyrant +2/0, making it a 15/13. So on turn 8, we drop the Tyrant, make it ethereal, and scream “Ryuu ga waga taki wa kurau” as we hit our opponent’s face for 15 damage.

Besides the combo kill, we need ways to generate Shadows. We have two ways to do this. The first is direct shadow generation cards, like three Skull Beast and three Burial Grounds.

On top of that, we have the Spartoi package with three Spartoi Sergeants, two Spartois, and two Elder Spartoi Soldiers.

The second way of generating shadows is just efficient followers that create more cards to convert to shadows. Skullcradle Widow replaces herself when destroyed, while Skeleton Knight, Hell’s Unleasher, and Gravewalker leaves behind a body when destroyed for an extra Shadow. These left over tokens are great sacrifice fodder for Soul Conversion, which we run the normal two of.


Keep in mind, because we need at least 20 shadows, we can’t afford to play any cards that have Necromancy. That leaves us unable to play very powerful cards like Foul Tempest or Lesser Mummy, so we don’t really have cards to turn the tides if we get behind on board. So we run some pretty efficient board removal followers like Spectre and Necroelementalist.


To round it out, we have three Rabbit Necromancers which also help do some damage to help wittle the opponent to that magical 15 health, along with the typical three Playful Necromancers and Cerebrus that’s in pretty much every Shadowcraft deck. Unfortunately, I only have one Cerebrus or else I would run more.


Finally, the icing on the cake is a single Pluto as a single late game threat besides our Deathly Tyrants when we can’t get the shadow count needed to finish off the game.

And that’s “Ryuu ga waga taki ga kurau!” Will it be a roaring success or just like my actual Hanzo skills and suck super hard? If you enjoyed this series, leave a like or comment here on Youtube and check out YouthfulLaughter for Shadowverse articles just like this one. Until next time!


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