[Quickie] Hundred

== Hundred ==

Another “IS clone”
Predictable plot and characters.
One of the worst “IS clones” I’ve seen and that’s saying something.

Don’t Expect:
Cute herones.
Seriously, art’s garbage.
Character and mecha designs of note.
Seriously not even the little sister character is cute like wtf. That’s a sin.

(What’s a Quickie?)

I saw Hundred advertised by Crunchyroll, so I gave it a shot. If a big shot anime streaming service like Crunchyroll is showing it off, it must be good, right? Wrong.

Hundred is so predictable, I was able to call out scenes just before they actually came up. “Oh I’m gonna guess the MC has a sword for a weapon. Yep there it is.” “Oh and now he’s gonna open the door to someone undressing. Yep.” “Oh he’s got a special hidden power he doesn’t know about. Yep.” There’s no mystery, development, or originality. The characters aren’t even cute nor are the battle suits any cool. The shonen lover in me is disappointed. Predictability is not completely out of the ordinary in this type of show; like I said in Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles, shows of this type follow a pretty generic formula. But when they’re executed so poorly to the point where the show’s not even fun to watch anymore, the formula becomes tedious instead of familiar.

The only point of interest is that there are two opposing factions rather than just one. Usually, the enemy is another human faction (see Infinite Stratos or Undefeated Chronicles Bahamut) or supernatural monsters (with minor internal human conflicts). This show actually has both with the Variants (monster/human hybrids) and Savages (monster). Unfortunately, more does not mean better as neither is fully fleshed out and they just kinda fall flat on their face. It doesn’t help that the home team is also boring.

Hundred end

+ Fights are okay.
+ Pink haired girl is okay I guess. She’s kinda useless though.
+ Title’s short and thus easy to remember.
– Unmemorable characters. I don’t even remember the main character’s name.
– Everyone and their mother is a childhood friend for some convoluted reason.
– Skin tight suits can be cool or sexy. In this case, it’s not.
– Voice acting lineup has nobody of note to remember. In other words, acting is poor.

Overall: 2/100 (Poor)


10 thoughts on “[Quickie] Hundred

  1. Silvachief

    “Everyone their mother is a childhood friend.”

    Impressive! I can’t say this was on my list, so i’m not too put out by that horrific score ^_^ I’m surprised you finished the series.

    1. Wakai Post author

      I regret my policy of “if I start it, I stick with it because not every review should be about a good anime.”

      From now on, every bad anime is going to have the plus of “at least it’s better than Hundred.”

      1. Silvachief

        I used to feel that way but then I realized my time was too precious to spend on bad anime XD I’ve been much quicker to drop shows, games and visual novels recently.

      2. Wakai Post author

        Ah. Well I’m waiting for a video game to come out (Revelation Online) so Im just bored out of my mind and burning time, haha. Maybe if I actually had stuff to do, I would drop things.

        Though, I do get the feeling after Hundred, I’ll drop some shows if they’re bad.

        Started watching “The Asterisk War” and debating continuing it or not.

      3. Silvachief

        I watched the first season and it was simply okay…another IS clone as you would put it =P The second season appears to have attracted a lot of hate so i’m not dying to watch it.

      4. Wakai Post author

        Haha. Im getting a lot of vibes similar to “Rakudashi no Cavalry” which was actually pretty good, so I dont hate AW that much rn. Though I guess S2 might be a different story.

        Rakudashi is getting a quickie soon if you want an ISC to watch. Just watch it alone (fan service).

    1. Wakai Post author

      I’m unusually tolerant of bad animus too. Ugh. I don’t expect THAT much from fantasy school harem animes but at least more than this garbage, cmon. XD


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