[Quickie] Konosuba

== Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo (Konosuba) ==

Modern character in true fantasy setting.
Heavy satire of genre.
Off-the-walls crazy characters.
Perverted, scumbag, hilarious main character.
No but seriously everyone in this show is high on something and I want some.
Amazing “time-passer”

Don’t expect:
Deep, compelling story.
Relatable characters.
Heartwarming, feel good romance.

(What’s a Quickie?)

“Kono Subarashi etc. etc.” aka “Konosuba” is anything but generic. Expect the unexpected with this series because everything and anything is a curveball here. What you can hope to expect from Konosuba are bat-shit crazy characters, tons of sexual squirming (over everything but actually sexual things), and tons of facepalm moments.

You’ll be either laughing through the entire ten episodes or be flabbergasted at what you are watching. “Konosuba” is one of the most creative anime I have seen in a while. Every viewer should at least watch a couple episodes to see just how crazy it is on this side.

Don’t take this series seriously. It’s anything but serious. Would recommend to someone having a bad day and needs something so shocking to forget about all his or her troubles.

By the way, this is one of those shows you watch with nobody else in the room. Trust me. There’s a lot of sexual squirming.


konosuba end

+ Hilarious parody/comedy about the modern and fantasy mix genre
+ Over the top characters that truly stand out.
+ Everyone is crazy as fuck.
+ Main character is an asshole.
– Main character is an asshole.
– Everyone is crazy as fuck.
– Only 10 episodes. EDIT: Nvm I found an 11th episode OVA and it’s hilarious.
– Literally an entire episode dedicated to the main’s sexual fantasy

Overall: 9/10 (Gut-wrenching funny)


2 thoughts on “[Quickie] Konosuba

  1. Kai

    One of my favorite anime of respective season too. I like how many times you said “EXPLOSION” in this post, you zoom in on the important things 🙂


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