[Quickie] Musaigen no Phantom World

== Musaigen no Phantom World ==

Modern school setting.
Students with powers fighting fantasy monsters.
Cute enjoyable comedy and action scenes.
Your lord and god Cthulu.
Bombass soundtrack (“Naked Dive” is dope.)
Efficient, complete package.
Above-average “time-passer”

Don’t Expect:
Complex characters.
Deep, compelling story.

(What’s a Quickie?)

“Musaigen no Phantom World” is not the most innovative anime in the industry, but it serves as a great archetype of the “fantasy high school” genre. The art is pretty. The animation is superb. The characters are, while generic, still likable and serve as the main driving force of the series. The first couple episodes introduces the cast, the middle episodes develops characters with slice of life moments, and the last (and imo best) episodes wrap up the series nicely with a climactic problem and resolution.

“Musaigen no Phantom World” follows the simple, time-tested formula of all other “fantasy high school” animes: monsters exist in a modern world + students have powers to defeat said monsters + students go about school stuff with said powers. In other words, it is not that deep or thought-provoking but simply fun to watch and satisfying to finish.

Would recommend to viewers who enjoy lighthearted modern fantasy to pass a weekend or something.

Also, watching this with people around is fine except for probably the sauna episode. Typical swim suit episode.

musaigen end

+ Lovely art and sound design
+ Series is wrapped up quite nicely. Feels like a “complete” package
+ Character driven
+ Simplicity is refreshing
– Characters, while likable, are somewhat bland.
– Sing “Ahhhhhhh” (Character’s fine. Her singing bothers me as a vocalist myself.)
– Fanservice levels: High (Boob physics. Suggestive expressions.)

Overall: 7/10 (Above average)


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