[Misc.] Status Update + Check out Lucid9

Greetings WordPress! Wakai’s back with a status update post. Yeah, I know things have slowed down drastically since my Sword Art Online II review. College has been a pain in the ass lately and balancing that with my unpaid internship has left me quite unmotivated in terms of watching anime. I had a Zankyou no Terror review in the pipeline, but it’s been so long since I finished it that I feel any review I write now would not be genuine.

In other news, a friend of mine took away my Jojo virginity and I’ve watched the first two parts. I’ll probably start watching Jotaro’s antics some time in the summer; don’t expect a review for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures though. It’s hilarious. It’s fun. It’s dumb as hell. Nothing more, nothing less.

So much manliness oozing from every pore~

Furthermore, most of my free time has been spent on a couple awesome visual novels. Over the past month, I’ve binged on both titles of Danganronpa. For those of you who have never heard of Danganronpa, it’s a game for the PSP/PS Vita (I played on the latter) about 15 super talent students who are trapped in their school, forced by a manic mastermind to murder to escape. The plot twists are awesome. The characters are interesting and lovable. The gameplay is spectacular and addicting; think Phoenix Wright. The only mechanic I disliked was the present system, where presents can be given to characters to further relationships. The problem is that the presents are only available from a slot machine; spinning that thing over and over again is quite annoying. Regardless, I highly recommend both games to anyone with a PS Vita. 9.5/10. This series now trumps Persona in my favorites list. That’s impressive. I heard the anime is shit though.

Lastly, the most recent visual novel I played was a demo called Lucid9. It’s an amazing piece of work, created by an amateur group of visual novel fans. All the quality of a big company without the money backing it up? That’s talent. A close friend of mine is the main writer for Lucid9, so I guarantee you the writing is good. Hell, everything is good, from the artwork to sound design to comedy. Like DanganronpaLucid9 is a murder mystery visual novel. Only the first couple days are available, but it’s enough to hook anyone interested. Check out their website at http://lucid9.weebly.com/ Join their forums and tell them Wakai sent you. In fact, Lucid9 has inspired me to pick up my writing and drawing a little more, so I’ll probably continue Apple of Honor in the near future. Look forward to that.

Have you played any of the visual novels I mentioned above? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “[Misc.] Status Update + Check out Lucid9

  1. Silvachief

    Unpaid internship? Bleh. Good luck persevering with it though!
    Danganronpa is a fantastic series, though I have yet to play the second game. With two further titles coming to the West i’m glad I finally have my hands on a PSVita.
    I had a quick look at Lucid9 and it seems interesting. I’ll wait for a full release before trying it out, though.

    1. Wakai Post author

      Second Danganronpa is excellent. The plot and mini-games are a bit more mediocre, but the cast is far more interesting and the mysteries are more complex. I’m so looking forward to Despair Girls and number 3.


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