[Misc.] Happy Valentine’s Day!


From my heart to yours, I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I hope your day is full of love and romance. What deserves more recognition than love itself? For those of you with significant others, you’ve got the entire day, or hell the entire weekend to spend with them. For those, like myself, who have not found that special someone, “love” does not necessarily come only in the form of romantic relationship; family, friends, and other acquaintances are all perfect candidates for a Valentine’s day rekindling of relationships.

Just a a personal update. SAO II and Zankyou no Terror reviews are in the pipeline, but school and work have been keeping my busy as of late. Add onto that Evolve releasing on the PC and anime seems to be taking a backseat in terms of my priorities. I’ve still got Durarara (Season 1) still left to finish and Grisaia no Kajitsu to start. Ugh. Anime. Why you take so long to watch?

For fun, let’s continue the Valentine’s Day theme with some of my personal favorite romantic pairs! Let the flaming begin. (hoo boy people are going to hate me for this one).

You know you like it~

Persona 4
Yosuke and Chie

Maybe it’s their matching colors. Maybe it’s their hilarious quarrels. Maybe it’s just their hair color. Either way, this is a Persona pairing I’d love to see become real. Maybe after high school, eh?

Megane Duo (Shuu and Ruri)

You know, I never understood why Nisekoi wasn’t originally a visual novel. Multiple (four and counting) potential female interests? Check. Relatively generic main character? Check. Though I do think they now have an adaptation in Japan. Either way. none of Raku’s relationships comes close to the hilarity and chemistry of the Megane Duo. An openly perverted Shuu and a no tolerance fist launching Ruri teaming together to troll everyone would be great.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
Tomoda and Tanuki

They’re both the “side characters,”, but they are the ones that carry the story. They are the true unspoken heroes in their visual novel/manga. They deserve happiness.

Let the waifu wars begin! Who are your favorite romantic pairs?


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