[Misc.] Persona 5 Trailer #1 Breakdown

Greetings, ladies and gentleman. Well, it’s finally here: the first look into the new, upcoming Persona 5. Atlus released the first trailer on their Japanese YouTube channel. There is a ton of things revealed from this one video alone, so I’m going to analyze each scene to fuel the Persona 5 hype train. All aboard.

Haven’t watched the trailer yet? Here you go. Take a minute and enjoy. I can wait.

Now that you’ve seen the entire trailer, let’s recap everything scene by scene.

Scene 1) Our first scene shows a bustling group of people and a couple of scary looking guards. Cut scene and we see a handsome, dashing man in a mask. I’d recognize that hair anywhere, Harry Potter. Oh, wait, that’s the new protagonist from the original Persona 5 reveal. His mask and stealth calls back to mastermind thief stories. The suave criminal who steals whatever he wants. Pretty cool.

Japanese sentences pop up on the screen, but I can’t read it. Sucks to suck.

An alarm trips and our hero jumps through a window in spectacular fashion, sticks the landing and faces bright headlights. This is our introduction to the Persona 5 trailer.

Scene 2) Enter music. Our first shot is a couple bridges and someone who jumps across them. That looks like our protagonist to me, especially because the split jacket on the character here matches the costume from the previous scene.

The next shot shows in giant letters the name of the director, Katsura Hashino. If there were doubts this was a Persona game, this throws it out the window as the director of Persona 3 and Persona 4 is leading this massive project. What’s also interesting is the next character who flies across the screen. Who could this be? Let’s call her “Girl” for now.

Up next is the character designer, Shigenori Soejima. Another Persona person from the past. On his billboard sits another character. He (or she) seems to be in a fox costume, as his outfit reveals a tail when he jumps off the building. Let’s call him “Fox” for now. That’s three characters revealed so far.

Let’s move on.

Finally, the music director Shoji Meguro makes his appearance. Glorious. With him is another masked man whose mask looks more like a skull than anything else, so let’s call him “Skull.” That’s four total characters revealed so far: Hero, Girl, Fox, and Skull.

Scene 3) With a seamless transition with the hero riding on the top of a bullet train, we cut to the next scene where an old friend returns to the scene. Good old Igor returns to welcome us back into Persona. But who are his new friends? Twin residents of the Velvet Room? This scene also tells us that the Velvet Room is now located in a prison cell, shown by the bars in the foreground and background. By the way, I totally thought Igor was rocking shades.

Scene 4) The next scene has a man, who I assume to be the protagonist, jumping into a crowd and a giant winged humanoid pops out into the air. Follow-up art, which I posted as the title image, shows what the protagonist’s Persona looks like, and this humanoid looks just like that, with the top hat especially. Now the question is, did the protagonist transform into the Persona or just summon him? Of note is that this is happening in the city, not a Midnight Hour fueled tower or Midnight Channel television world. Is the Persona world bleeding into the real world?

Scene 5) Up next are a couple gameplay clips of a ride on a train, walk through a station, and smack in the head by flying chalk. Notice little details that really bring out character. The train bumping around and knocking the people around. The chatter of the masses popping up as speech dialogue. The chalk bouncing off the protagonist’s head and toward the camera. Also notice the date on the upper left.

Scene 6) Next up are two shots of the protagonist spending time with his friends. Here we see a blond male and female. Here, we see the true faces of “Skull” and “Girl.” More importantly, the “new kid beginnings” of Persona 3 and Persona 4 get thrown out the window as we already have a trio of friends going on here.

Scene 7) Now we have the total four characters from the introduction. And it’s… a cat. Move over, Teddie, we have a new mascot character! Now, “Fox” from the introduction is a human, not a cat. Is this really him?

On another note, it’s still the 11th from before as well. Bright and sunny day too, huh?

Scene 8) Next we have some cool animations with the characters jumping around. The important part of this scene is how the cat transforms from a regular cat to his chibi version. Go back to scene 6. See the cat on the first picture? That’s him!

In addition, words flash across the screen. Credits to the IGN Rewind Trailer for this one. Stopping the video at that point reveals every word to be the seven deadly sins in Lain, except for one: “Cavum” which means “hollow.” Pretty cool. IGN thinks the Personas this time around might represent the seven sins this time around. Perhaps? The cat’s Persona is apparently “Luxaria” which is Latin for “lust.” That’s one sexy pussy cat, I guess?

Scene 9) Then comes the coolest main menu I’ve seen. Most of the options here are typical of Persona games, except for “Cooperation.” Is this the new Social Link? Only time will tell.

“Don’t look at me like that”

The most important shot comes next with “Equip.” First, we can see the protagonist (and later revealed all characters) use guns. More importantly, everyone’s NAMES are on the side! Someone has kindly translated these already and they read: Hero, Sakamoto Ryuji, Morgana, Komaki Anzu. So, the protagonist is most likely nameless again. Second, Morgana is the kitty cat. Sakamoto Ryuji is “Skull.” Finally, Komaki Anzu is “Girl.”

Scene 10) The next scene has a possessed train operator crashing a train into the side of a tunnel and destroying the platform. Yikes! Like scene 4 where the Persona appeared in the middle of the city, we see the occult/supernatural affecting the real world in a very direct way, unlike the Apathy Syndrome or disappearnces/fog of previous games.

Scene 11) Finally we see some actual gameplay! Here the overworld traveling looks fantastic. Key points of note: the date is still the same and “Hero” summons blood puddles everywhere he goes. Excellent! .

Add to that a cool stealth mechanic in my Persona and you’ve got a super excited fan.

Scene 12) Next we’ve got a seductive nurse selling you your medicine. Her name? Takemi Tae.

Then we have a bunch of cutscenes of the characters talking and running away from a collapsing building. Pretty surface-level material there.

Scene 13) The military store sells you all your weapons and armor. Important here is the frame I stopped on. See it yet? On the dog tag of the “Hero” are the words “Joker the fool.” Because of this, I do not think the “seven deadly sins as arcana” really hold up. However, I can see the sins being Persona names, just not the categories themselves.

Scene 13) Omg! The protagonist is in jail! And he looks exactly like Vincent from Catherine! Weird. Further looking reveals he’s actually trapped in the Velvet Room and his prison guards are the twins from before. Does that mean Igor is the warden?

Scene 14) Add in actual battle gameplay with what seems to be an all-out attack, some ice skating on concrete highway, and cat throwing in to billboards to get a wonderful trailer!

Scene 15) Oh, we’re not done? There is the bonus scene which appears after the music ends. The hero’s Persona. Is this his Shadow? Is the hero transforming into his Persona? Not sure quite yet. But that ping at the end is definitely the sound effect for a Persona summoning.

Did the trailer hype you as much as it hyped me?

How excited are you for Persona 5? Let me know in the comments below!


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