[Creative Works] Apple of Honor – Chapter 6

[Chapter 6 – Acacia on a School Day]


Table of Contents

Jeez, there’s more than twenty minutes before homeroom starts and the plebeians are already chattering. Every time everyone is yammering about what they did on their day off. But it seems the gossip today is different from the usual. Some new kid is coming into classroom 2-B.

“I hear he’s never been to a school before!” one girl in the corner exclaims.

“I hear he’s a real scary guy.”

“I heard he’s super cute!”

“What do you think, Mirashi-san?” one of the chattering girls addresses me.

The plebs never stop talking.

Good old Teach comes in just in time. “Quiet down everyone!” she addresses the class. Never did learn her name. Didn’t think it was important. “Before the usual announcements, we have a new classmate today. Yamanaka-kun, why don’t you come in?”

In walks an asshole. Clean clothes ironed to perfection. Too clean.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself?” Teach asks the new kid.

“Last name: Yamanaka. First name: Sorai,” he curtly responds.

“Anything you’d like to say about yourself, Yamanaka-kun?”

“Please address me as Sorai. I quite dislike being called my last name. Unfortunately, I know not what I should begin with. Perhaps you could suggest something?”

Smooth talker, eh? Interesting.

“Class? Anything you’d like to ask our new friend?” Teach asks the plebs.
“Where did you live before here?” someone asks while raising his hand.

“Lived on a farm up in the mountains with my father,” he replies.

“Why did you move here?” a girl asks.

“My father died in an accident so I moved here.”

Question Asker sinks into her seat in regret. Guess that wasn’t the best thing to ask, huh?

“Do you have a girlfriend?” one of those nosey girls asks. Girls are always so concerned about romances.

“Are you gay?” another girl asks.

“Maiko!” Teach tries to stop the girl’s question.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what that means,” New Kid replies, “It must be city vernacular I’m not familiar with.”

Needless to say, the girl’s question stops dead in its tracks. Guess we’ll never know if he’s homosexual or not.

Class goes by as slowly as usual and New Kid barely says a word. Teach asks him a few questions but he answers them all correctly. I guess he’s not some dumb hick from the country. The end of school comes around and the plebs disperse as the bell rings. Of course, New Kid gets some attention from the girls.

“Yamanaka-kun?” one of the six girls addresses New Kid.“Please, call me Sorai. I insist.”

“Oh! Well, um. Sorai. We were wondering if we could get your cell number. Well I mean just in case you need help keeping up with classes or something like that!”

“That’s awfully kind of you, but I unfortunately don’t own a phone.”

It’s hard to believe a high school student in this day and age doesn’t own a cell phone. Seems one of the ladies shares my skepticism.

“You’re not just lying to us, are you? You just doesn’t want to give us your number.”

New kid breathes a sigh, stands up, and, to my surprise, dumps the entire contents of his bag onto his desk. Books slam onto the table, papers fly in the air, and pencils clatter onto the floor. The girls gaze in shock as he continues to shake the contents of his bag out. He then empties his pockets, producing only a pocket watch and a wallet.

“No phone. Does this prove it to you?” he addresses the skeptical girl, “I never needed one because it’s pretty hard to get reception in the middle of nowhere, you know?”

“Okay, okay! I believe you!” she replies.

“Don’t call me a liar without reason.”

Looks like New Kid’s got a scary side to him.

“I’ll probably end up picking one up soon enough, so let’s wait until then, shall we?” New Kid continues, flashing a smile at the group and reliving any tension in the air.

Smooth talkers like him piss me off.

The plebs and I pack our things up and start leaving the school. As I walk outside, however,  something catches my eye. Some hooligans seem to be standing in front of the school gates in menacing fashion.

“Boss! There he is!” a chubby one points at New Kid. Guess he’s more popular than I made him out to be.

“Yamanaka Sorai, I’m here to pay you back for what happened last time,” their leader speaks.

“Oh, it’s you again,” New Kid replies, “what’s your name again? Tamagotchi?”

“Takeuchi! You bastard!”

This has bad news written all over it. I’m going to be smart about this and not get involved. I try to sneak around the gang to the gates.

“Hey Boss! People are trying to leave!” Damn it. Chubby kid’s got good eyes.

Gang Leader grabs my collar and pulls me around, “Nobody’s leaving! I want everyone to see us beat you to the ground, Yamanaka!”

Now I’m pissed.

“Get your grubby mitts off me, you fucker!” I grab the fucker’s hand that’s grabbing me and fling him straight into the wall. He’s pretty much knocked out cold. That’s years of Judo for you.

“Boss! Are you okay?!” the other rapscallions crowd around Gang Leader Fucker, “Retreat for now! We gotta get him back up! We’ll be back for both you next time!”

And like that they’re gone. They don’t even know my name, for goodness sake.

“Nice throw,” New Kid addresses me as I dust off my shoulders, “What’s your name?”

“Mirashi Mokichi,” I reply.

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mirashi-san. Those knuckleheads kinda preached it to the heavens, but I’m Yamanaka Sorai,” he states while extending a handshake.

“I know who you are. I’m in your class, idiot. You could recognize that at least.”

I start making my way down the hill, and New Kid follows silently beside me.

Guess he lives the same direction I do.

“It really is you! Soraaaaaaaaaaaaai!~~~~~~~~” a girl runs down the hill from behind us… and tackles New kid into the ground with a giant hug, rolling down the hill until they crash.

Guess he’s more popular than I made him out to be.



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