[Cosplay] Persona 3 S.E.E.S. Armband

*Images have been fixed.*

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Persona 3 fan. Now that I have some spare time with school settling down, I thought I’d start on one of my cosplay projects. I won’t reveal who I’m cosplaying quite yet (hint, it’s a SEES member), but I’ll be sharing the project’s progress and my steps as I proceed.


  • Red cloth that has a length four times the circumference of the arm (plus a bit extra length).
  • Black thread/floss (thinner = more precise. thicker = more uniform.)
  • Needle

Making the Armband

Step 1) Find a reference image. Cry at how too perfect and boring it is.

Google is my best friend.

Step 2) Obtain the main body, aka a red cloth. Sew the outer edges in while putting in the black outer lines. I’ll be using a backstitch to try to make the line as neat and solid as possible. The spacing for the stitches were about an inch apart. Too far apart and the stitch doesn’t hold itself together well enough. Too close and the line risks looking jagged. I made the length of the cloth twice the circumference of my upper arm as I will be folding it on itself before making into a loop to hide all of the sewing in the inside of the actual band.

Image of the backstitch (one side).

Step 3) Repeat for the other side

The best edge to a fabric cosplay is a middle. You can never cut a perfect line, but folding one is easy.

Step 4) Flip over and admire your handiwork (or in case, cry because your lines aren’t perfect).

Outside portion of the armband, laid bare.

Armband looped around and folded. Looking good! I folded the cloth in half then looped it. Don’t sew it shut just yet! Need to finish the SEES text.

Step 5) Decide the choice of thread was too thin and sew another line on top of the existing one. Except be too lazy to do the span of the entire armband and just accentuate the side that’s facing outwards.

Compare the front outline with the back (inside). A bit thicker to make it pop more.

Embroidering the S.E.E.S. Logo

Step 1) Start with the first letter, the S. Keep all lines pointing in the same direction and slowly form the letter. Embroidering the outline then filling it it is acceptable, but not preferred. That method makes it less uniform.

Starting the S. The needle on the left is there to mark approximately the left edge.

Finished “S” and “.”

I end up thickening the Es more later.

Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad

Looping the Armband

Step 1) Fold the single strip armband to overlap itself and sew it shut.

Folded and shut. Push the needle into the cloth, but not out the other side, then back through and out the side you went in.

Step 2) Overlap the two ends and sew across that overlap.

Feel free to sew deeper on this flap to make the armband smaller.

Final picture of the inside.

Transform into a dog

Step 1) Cosplaying as Koromaru is tough. Give up.

omg it’s an albino shiba it’s so totally adorbs kyaaa

Finished product

Igor would be proud.


2 thoughts on “[Cosplay] Persona 3 S.E.E.S. Armband

  1. Silvachief

    Very nice! There was a period where I was living in Switzerland that I was able to keep up with handicrafts (mostly because it was compulsory), though nowadays i’m about as skilled as my cat…which is to say that I actually undo any progress that has been made on something >.<

    How long did this take you? Hand-sewn or sewing machine?

    1. youthfullaughter Post author

      All hand-sewn (don’t own a sewing machine). Took me the week to do. I’m more used to gluing fabrics together to make my cosplay rather than sew, so this was a fun new experience.


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